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When first thy eyes unveil, give thy soul leave

To do the like; our bodies but forerun

The spirit's duty. True hearts spread, and heave

Unto their GOD, as flowers do to the sun.

Give Him thy first thoughts then; so shalt thou keep

Him company all day, and in Him sleep.

Yet never sleep the sun up;--Praÿer should

Dawn with the day. There are set, awful hours

'Twixt Heaven, and us. The manna was not good

After sun-rising; fair106106fair, in original text (1650), far-day sullies flowers.

Rise to prevent the sun; sleep doth sins glut,

And Heaven's gate opens, when this world's is shut.

Walk with thy fellow-creatures: note the hush

And whispers amongst them. There's not a spring,

Or leaf but hath his morning-hymn; Each bush

And oak doth know I AM. Canst thou not sing?

O leave thy cares and follies! go this way,

And thou art sure to prosper all the day.

To heighten thy devotions, and keep low

All mutinous thoughts, what business e'er thou hast,

Observe GOD in His works; here fountains flow,

Birds sing, beasts feed, fish leap, and th' earth stands fast;

Above are restless motions, running lights,

Vast circling azure, giddy clouds, days, nights.

When Seasons change, then lay before thine eyes

His wondrous method; mark the various scenes

In heaven; hail, thunder, rain-bows, snow, and ice,

Calms, tempests, light, and darkness, by His means;

Thou canst not miss His praise; each tree, herb, flower

Are shadows of His wisdom, and His power.

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