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Jerusalem, that place divine,

The vision of sweet peace is named;

In heaven her glorious turrets shine,

Her walls of living stone are framed;

While Angels guard her on each side,

Fit company for such a bride.


She, deck'd in new attire from heaven,

Her wedding chamber, now descends,

Prepared in marriage to be given

To CHRIST, on Whom her joy depends.

Her walls, wherewith she is enclosed,

And streets are of pure gold composed.

The gates adorn'd with pearls most bright

The way to hidden glory show,

And thither by the blesséd might

Of faith in JESUS' merits go

All those who are on earth distress'd,

Because they have CHRIST's name profess'd.

These stones the workmen dress and beat

Before they throughly polish'd are;

Then each is in his proper seat

Establish'd by the Builder's care,

In this fair frame to stand for ever,

So join'd that them no force can sever.

To GOD, Who sits in highest seat,

Glory and power given be;

To Father, Son, and Paraclete,

Who reign in equal dignity;

Whose boundless power we still adore,

And sing Their praise for evermore.

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