It is apparent that considerable difficulty must attend the task of illustrating the justly celebrated work of Dr. Paley. According to his design, no one subject could be fully and finally treated: the eye, the ear, the teeth, and many other organs, are of necessity touched upon occasionally and repeatedly in different chapters, at one time to prove prospective contrivances, at another to show compensation, or relation. This is undoubtedly a plan suited to the object of the author; and time and the opinion of the public pronounced on the work have amply confirmed his judgment in adopting it. Fearful of introducing too many additional subjects in the notes to the text, and thus overloading the argument, we have thrown the Dissertations, in illustration of the various matters, into an Appendix: thus leaving the reader more at liberty to select the subjects on which he desires further information.

Mr. Paxton, of Oxford, several years ago, published a valuable work illustrating the "Natural 4 Theology," to which the reader is referred for further illustration on some of the subjects, particularly those connected with anatomy.

The authors of the present work have been indebted to Professor Lindley, of the London University, for the botanical notes to the twentieth chapter; and to Mr. Waterhouse, Curator of the Zoological Museum of London, for the entomological notes to the nineteenth chapter; those which were kindly communicated by Bishop Brinkley are specified in chapters twenty-two and twenty-five.

The Dissertations connected with the last ten chapters will form a fourth volume, which will complete this work.

The whole of the Notes, and nearly the whole of the Dissertation, now published, to the first seventeen chapters, were prepared for the press several months ago, and the greater part of them printed last summer. But the expediency of making some additions to the Dissertations has occasioned the publication to be delayed.



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