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James Montgomery

For Christian Adult Schools. Bristol, 1813.

Lord! are there eyes that see the sun,

And gaze with joy on Nature's face,

Yet while through all Thy works they run,

Thy glorious Godhead never trace?

Lord! are there eyes, to which Thy Book

No hidden mystery reveals?

O give them power thereon to look;

"Lion of Judah! break the seals."1515Rev. v. 5.

There, with new sight, may they behold

Thy counsels, since the world began,

Like morning's gradual beams, unfold

The wonders of Thy love to man:--

For whom, a rebel from his birth,

Thine only Son Thou didst not spare;

The Lord from heaven came down to earth,

His guilt and punishment to bear.

Thus while instruction they receive,

Thy Spirit's inward light impart,

Till trembling penitents believe,

And mercy heals the broken heart.

Not eyes alone shall then rejoice

In the rich comforts of Thy word;

Deaf ears shall hearken to Thy voice,

And bless the day its sound was heard.


Tongues, that were meant to pledge Thy Name

In oaths, and cursings, change their tone,

Thy free salvation to proclaim,

And make Thy loving-kindness known.

Bosoms, by cruel fiends possest,

Dark dungeons of indwelling sin,

Are temples with Thy presence blest,

All glorious, like the ark, within,

Though earth no lovelier prospect show

Than children walking in Thy ways;

And heaven no sweeter music know

Than infant voices join'd in praise:

Though such, secured from early vice;

Water'd by Thy continual care,

Spring up like trees of Paradise,

And fruit, in long succession, bear:

Yet will the tears of transport swell,

Our spirits pure affection burn,

When, aged sinners, warn'd of hell,

Though late and slow, to God return.

Humbly they take the lowest seat;

Matrons and hoary-headed men

Are learners at the Saviour's feet,

Are "little children" once again.

Lord! we commit them to Thine hands,

To Thee their new-born hopes aspire;

O take them, keep them,--these are brands,

Pluckt out of everlasting fire.

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