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James Montgomery

Children singing Hosanna to Christ.

Hosanna be the children's song,

To Christ, the children's King;

His praise, to whom their souls belong,

Let all the children sing.

From little ones to Jesus brought,

Hosannas now be heard;

Let infants at the breast be taught

To lisp that lovely word.

Hosanna here, in joyful bands,

Maidens and youths proclaim,

And hail with voices, hearts, and hands,

The Son of David's name.

Hosanna, sound from hill to hill,

And spread from plain to plain;

While louder, sweeter, clearer still,

Woods echo to the strain.

Hosanna, on the wings of light,

O'er earth and ocean fly;

Till morn to eve, and noon to night,

And heaven to earth reply.

The city to the country call;

Let realm with realm accord;

And this their watchword one and all;

Hosanna--praise the Lord!


Hosanna, then, our song shall be;

Hosanna to our King;

This is the children's jubilee;

Let all the children sing.

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