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James Montgomery

Sabbath School Union.

On earth we meet again below;

But shall we ever meet above,

And all our souls together flow

In one eternal tide of love?

Some meet who never met before;

We bid them welcome on their way:

And some may part to join no more

The children's Whitsuntide array.

While the whole world before us lies,

May each, whate'er our pilgrim-path,

Be truly taught, and timely wise

To follow peace, and flee from wrath:--

That wrath, which disobedience brought

On Adam's sin-born progeny;

That peace, which our Redeemer bought,

With His own blood, upon the tree.

So be this temple to the Lord,

This Sabbath Union, which we build

Of living stones, upon His Word,

With His perpetual presence fill'd,

Death-partings, then, from earth shall be

Life-meetings in that world above,

Where life is immortality,--

An immortality of love.

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