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James Montgomery

God the Source of Natural and Spiritual Light.

(For Sunday School Teachers.)

God said, "Let there be light!"

And light sprang forth, new born;

He spake, 'twas done,--primeval night

Brake into glorious morn.

Who then shall dare to say,

"Let there be darkness"--none

But ravening wolves that hate the day,

And owls that fear the sun.

Stars, from the solar fount,

Their borrow'd lustre draw;

Moses came radiant from the mount

To teach God's holy law.

Warm from the throne of grace,

Where we have learnt His will;

When we go forth may every face

Express His image still.

Light in the Lord are we,

While by His truth we stand,

Reflecting beams of Deity,

Like stars in His right hand.

So shall our schools be found

As gardens of the Lord,

And fruits of holiness abound,

Where'er we plant the Word.

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