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James Montgomery

The Souls of Children ransomed by the Death of Christ.

Lord Jesus Christ, the children's Friend,

On us lift up Thy gracious hands,

And from Thy holy temple send

Blessings on our united bands.


How precious in Thy Father's sight

Were children's souls, when Thee He gave,

His only Son, His heart's delight,

From hell to heaven those souls to save!

What love to them, what love was Thine,

Meek Lamb of God, when Thou didst give

Thy soul, a sacrifice divine,

Dying Thyself that they might live!

Nor less the Holy Spirit's grace,

When by His light He Thee reveals,

As though they saw Thee face to face,

And them as heirs of glory seals.

Are children's souls of such high price?

With grief and gladness may we see,

How sad their loss in Paradise,

How great their gain on Calvary.

Our own no longer, Thine thy are,

In mercy bind them to Thy Cross;

Safe only from the tempter there,

From second death and endless loss.

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