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James Montgomery

On the Death of a Minister.

Rest from thy labours, rest,

Soul of the just set free!

Blest be thy memory, and blest

Thy bright example be.

Now toil and conflict o'er,

Go, take with saints thy place,

But go, as each hath gone before,

A sinner saved by grace.


Lord Christ, into Thy hands,

Our pastor we resign;

And now we wait Thy own commands,--

We were not his but Thine.

Thou art Thy Church's Head,

And when the members die,

Thou raisest others in their stead,--

To Thee we lift our eye;--

On Thee our hopes depend,

We gather round our Rock,

Send whom Thou wilt, but condescend

Thyself to feed Thy flock.

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