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James Montgomery

For the Opening of an Organ.

The morning stars in concert sang,

When God created heaven and earth;

And earth and heaven with music rang,

When angels hail'd Messiah's birth.

From Eden to the King of kings,

In sinless man's primeval days,

The voices of all living things,

All nature's sounds, were notes of praise.

When Adam by transgression fell,

Concord to dissonance was changed,

And strife, the element of hell,

The young world's harmony deranged.

Nor ever, since His Sabbath-rest,

When the great Maker from the skies,

His finish'd works beheld and bless'd,

Have songs of glory ceased to rise.

Where two or three in union meet,

Or thousands throng the house of prayer,

Heart-melodies, thanksgivings sweet,

And faithful vows are offer'd there.


Now, with all instruments in one,

All Spirits tuned to one accord,

Our prayer be this,--"Thy will be done;"

And this our anthem,--"Praise the Lord!"

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