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James Montgomery

On the Consecration of a Church.

Not in Jerusalem alone,

God hears and answers prayer,

Nor on Samaria's mountain known,

Dispenses blessings there.

True worshippers may now draw nigh,

Sinners may seek His face,

Assured to meet His ear and eye,

All times, in every place.


Hence in the secrecy of thought

Our silent souls may pray,

Or round the household altar brought

Begin and close the day.

Yet, meet it is, and right, and good,

Where He records His Name,

To mingle with the multitude,

And His high praise proclaim.

There, while the Lord their God they bless,

And He shines forth on them,

His Church appears in holiness,

Their new Jerusalem.

Then let us consecrate to Him,

These walls with love and fear,

God dwelt between the cherubim,

May God in Christ dwell here.

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