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James Montgomery

Thanksgiving for the Removal of the Cholera from Sheffield, 1832.

Sing Hallelujah; sing

Glory to God alone!

Bring your oblations, bring

Thank-offerings to the throne;

Take words of joy, of comfort take,

Awake to love, to life awake.

The Lord put forth His hand,

He touch'd us and we died;

Vengeance went through the land,

But mercy walk'd beside;

He heard our prayers; He saw our tears,

And stay'd the plague, and quell'd our fears.

What shall we give to Thee?

O Thou, whose purer eyes

Behold iniquity

In man's best sacrifice?

Ourselves we give, but rest our claim

On Christ, and know none other Name.

For Jesus' sake forgive

Thy people, Lord, and spare,

To Him and Thee to live,

For Thine and His we are;

Thy quickening Spirit gave us breath,

Thy Son, by death, has conquer'd death.

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