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James Montgomery

For the Centenary Celebration, August 13, 1827, of the memorable day of the union of all hearts and minds in the congregation of the United Brethren at Hernhut, amongst whom, since their revival, five years previously, considerable differences had prevailed on minor points, which were all blessedly reconciled at the Holy Sacrament in the parish church of Bethelsdorf, in 1727.

The God of your forefathers praise,

Thou, Brethren's Congregation!

Whose mighty arm, by wondrous ways,

Accomplished their salvation:

He heard their groans, came down and broke

The bigot's chain, the tyrant's yoke,

And led them forth to freedom.

He brought them to his chosen place,

Among the woods and mountains;

The desert fled before their face.

Gardens, and fields, and fountains,

Round their new homes and temple sprang,

While day and night hosannas rang

Through all their little Zion.


They walked with God in peace and love,

But failed with one another;

While sternly for the faith they strove,

Brother fell out with brother:

But He, in whom they put their trust,

Who knew their frames, that they were dust,

Pitied and healed their weakness.

He found them in His house of prayer,

With one accord assembled,

And so reveal'd His presence there,

They wept for joy, and trembled;

One cup they drank, one bread they brake,

One baptism shared, one language spake,

Forgiving and forgiven.

Then forth they went with tongues of flame,

In one blest theme delighting,

The love of Jesus, and His Name

God's children all uniting!

That love, our theme and watchword still;

That law of love may we fulfil,

And love as we have loved.

Jesus, Thy little flock behold,

Here met in sweet communion,

Confirm, as in the years of old,

Our sacramental union;

Renew that day of Pentecost,

Send down on us the Holy Ghost,

The promise of the Father.

Now blow the trump of Jubilee,

And while the Church rejoices,


As in one faith, hope, charity,

Join songs, and hearts, and voices,

To Father, Son, and Spirit raise,

On earth, the song of heavenly praise,

Sing, "Holy, Holy, Holy."

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