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James Montgomery

For the renewal of Anniversary Blessings.

O Thou, in whom we live and move

And have our being! meet us here

Let us Thy tender mercy prove,

As Thou art wont, from year to year.

For year by year, when throngs on throngs,

Rejoicing to Thy courts repair,

To offer praise in choral songs,

And pour their souls in fervent prayer:--

To prayers and songs in sovereign grace,

A willing ear Thou dost incline,

And cause the glory of Thy face

In Christ, on all and each to shine.

To each and all, this day, anew,

The tokens of Thy love impart,

And let Thy blessing fall like dew,

--Fall on good ground in every heart.


In every heart Thy word be sown,

Spring up, and thrive through heat and cold,

Until it shake like Lebanon,

With heavenly fruit an hundred fold:--

Fruit ripening in our earthly clime,

Till all the plants thus train'd by Thee,

Flourish as trees of life through time,

Then trees of immortality.

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