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James Montgomery

Invocation to Peace.--Phil. iv. 7.

Peace, that passeth understanding,

Peace to calm the bosom's strife,

Peace the winds and waves commanding,

On this stormy sea of life;

Peace the wounded spirit healing,

Peace the love of Christ revealing;

Peace, O God! Thy peace impart;

Thou of peace the author art.


Peace to keep our minds for ever

In Thy faith, Thy fear, Thy way;

Peace to keep our hearts, that never

Thought, desire, nor feeling stray!

Peace to soothe in every trial,

Peace to soften self-denial,

Peace our daily cross to take,

Grant us, for our Saviour's sake.

War with all the powers of evil,

We may every moment wage,

Yet of world, and flesh, and devil,

Scorn the friendship, falsehood, rage;

Though by foes and perils haunted,

We shall pass unharm'd, undaunted,

Thy whole armour, while we wear,

Sword, shield, breast-plate, helm,--all prayer.

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