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James Montgomery

Invitation to the Jews to acknowledge Christ.

Children of Zion, know your King,

Your own Messiah hail:

Hosanna in His temple sing,

For He hath rent the veil.

Himself the sacrifice for sin,

As your High-Priest He died;

With His own blood, He enter'd in,--

Behold Him crucified!

Behold Him on the Mercy-seat,

High in the holiest place;

Now cast yourselves before His feet,

Then rise to see His face.

That face with reconciling beams

Shines forth upon you all;

No longer mourn by Babel's streams,

He calls you,--hear His call.

So shall your hearts within you burn;

While guided by His voice,

With songs to Zion you return,

And in your God rejoice.


At His great name, bow every knee;

Let every tongue confess

Christ, whom your fathers slew, is HE,

The Lord your Righteousness.

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