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James Montgomery

The Security of Saints amidst the Destruction of Sinners.

When the overwhelming waters

Once a world of sinners drown'd,

Eight of Adam's sons and daughters,

In the Ark salvation found:

Gather'd to the Church, may we

Thus from wrath and peril flee.

When the fire from God descended

On the cities of the plain,

Three alone, by Heaven befriended,

Refuge did in Zoar gain:

By our pastors led, may we

Thus escape to Calvary.

When the midnight angel number'd

Egypt's first-born with the dead,

Israel's tribes, unsmitten slumber'd,

Where the paschal lamb had bled:

By the blood of sprinkling, we

Thus from vengeance are made free.

When, while quick and dead assemble,

Flames this universe destroy,

Though the wicked quake and tremble,

Saints shall lift their heads with joy:

Raised to life, like them, may we

With the Lord for ever be.

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