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James Montgomery

Preparation for Heaven.

Heaven is a place of rest from sin;

But all who hope to enter there,


Must here that holy course begin,

Which shall their souls for rest prepare.

Clean hearts, O God! in us create,

Right spirits, Lord, in us renew;

Commence we now that higher state,

Now do Thy will as angels do.

A life in heaven!--O what is this?

The sum of all that faith believed;

Fulness of joy, and depths of bliss,

Unseen, unfathom'd, unconceived.

While thrones, dominions, princedoms, powers,

And saints made perfect, triumph thus,

A goodly heritage is ours,

There is a heaven on earth for us.

The Church of Christ, the School of grace,

The Spirit teaching by the word;

In those our Saviour's steps we trace,

By this His living voice is heard.

Firm in His footsteps may we tread,

Learn every lesson of his love;

And be from grace to glory led,

From heaven below to heaven above.

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