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James Montgomery

For Divine Protection on a Day's Journey.

I take the journey of a day,

Thy sun, Lord, gives me light;

The moon and stars, Thy voice obey,

And watch me through the night.


For mercies every hour bestow'd

Unceasing thanks are due;

Now, 'midst the dangers of the road,

Lord, bring me safely through.

Upheld by Thine Almighty arm,

And guided by Thine eye,

Storms cannot crush, nor lightnings harm,

Sickness nor plague come nigh.

Thou art Thy people's sun and shield,

Their glory and defence;

All elements allegiance yield

To sovereign Providence.

But not in Providence alone

The Godhead's footsteps shine,

In grace are mightier wonders shown,

Of love and power divine.

As these thus far on pilgrimage,

My lengthen'd course attend,

So may they lead me stage by stage,

To mine appointed end.

When all my journeyings here must cease,

And life no more shall be;

Lord, let me then depart in peace,

From every thing but Thee.

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