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James Montgomery

The Assurance of Hope.--Isaiah, liv. 10.

"The mountains shall depart,

The hills shall be removed,

Faithful, O Lord! Thou art,

Faithful hast ever proved,

And faithful to eternity,

Thy word of promise stands to me.

"That blessed word I prove,

I know Thee as Thou art;

Thy kindness will not move,

Nor can Thy truth depart;

With me, Thy covenant of peace

Is seal'd, is sure, and shall not cease."

Thus may the mourner say

In the dark hour of grief,

When the first trembling ray

Of comfort darts relief

Into the dungeon of his soul,

Till love, joy, peace, illume the whole.

Down, then, the dungeon falls,

A palace straight upsprings,

Salvation guards the walls,

And lo! the King of kings

Enters with all his glorious train,

For ever in that soul to reign.

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