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James Montgomery

In great Tribulation.

God! be merciful to me,

For my spirit trusts in Thee,

And to Thee, her refuge springs:

Be the shadow of thy wings

Round the trembling sinner cast,

Till this storm is overpast.

From the water-floods that roll

Deep and deeper round my soul,

Me, Thine arm Almighty take,

For thy loving-kindness' sake;

If Thy truth from me depart,

Thy rebuke will break my heart.

Foes increase, they close me round,

Friend nor comforter is found;

Sore temptations now assail,

Hope and strength and courage fail;

Turn not from Thy servant's grief,

Hasten, Lord, to my relief.

Poor and sorrowful am I,

Set me, O my God! on high:

Wonders Thou for me hast wrought;

Nigh to death my soul is brought;

Save me, Lord, in mercy save,

Lest I sink below the grave.

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