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James Montgomery

The Good Shepherd and His Flock.

To-day the Lord our Shepherd leads

To living streams His little flock,

In green and flowery pastures feeds,

And shades at noon beneath the rock.

To-day we hear our Shepherd's voice,

And gladly answer to His call;

For Him, unseen, our hearts rejoice,

Who knows, and names, and loves us all.

Far from His fold we went astray;

The howling wilderness He cross'd,


From Satan pluck'd us as a prey,

Nor spared Himself to save the lost.

Beneath His eye no vain alarms,

No ravening wolves our walks infest;

The lambs He gathers in His arms,

And bears the feeble on His breast.

By Him conducted, though we tread

Death's valley, darkening on the view,

No evil there our spirits dread,

His rod and staff will guard us through.

When the Chief Shepherd shall appear,

And small and great before Him stand,

Oh! be the flock, assembling here,

Found with the sheep on His right hand.

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