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James Montgomery

"Valiant for the Truth."

Fight the good fight; lay hold

Upon eternal life;

Keep but thy shield, be bold,

Stand through the hottest strife;

Invincible while in the field,

Thou canst not fail, unless thou yield.

No force of earth or hell,

Though fiends with men unite,


Truth's champion can compel,

However press'd, to flight;

Invincible upon the field,

He cannot fall, unless he yield.

Apollyon's arm may shower

Darts thick as hail, and hide

Heaven's face, as in the hour,

When Christ on Calvary died;

No powers of darkness in the field

Can tread thee down, unless thou yield.

Trust in thy Saviour's might;

Yea, fill thy latest breath,

Fight, and like Him in fight,

By dying conquer death;

And all-victorious in the field,

Then with thy sword, thy spirit yield.

Great words are these, and strong

Yet Lord, I look to Thee,

To whom alone belong,

Valour and victory;

With Thee, my Captain in the field,

I must prevail, I cannot yield.

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