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James Montgomery

Working the Works of God.

Work while it is to-day!

This was our Saviour's rule;

With docile minds let us obey,

As learners in His school.

We, as He did, should do,

Who practised what he taught;

By precept and example too

Our master spake and wrought.

To work the works of God,

Was His divine employ,

And we must tread the path He trod,

Or enter not His joy.

The night will come full soon,

Life's day with morn may end;

While many a sun goes down ere noon

Few to their west descend.

Lord, Christ, we humbly ask

Of Thee the power and will,


With fear and meekness, every task

Of duty to fulfil.

Our own salvation be

Our first and constant aim,

Then far and wide, o'er land and sea,

Glad tidings to proclaim.

At home by word and deed,

Adorn redeeming grace,

And sow abroad the precious seed

Of truth in every place.

That thus the wilderness

May blossom like the rose,

And trees spring up of righteousness,

Where'er life's river flows.

For Thee our all to spend,

Still may we watch and pray,

And persevering to the end,

Work while it is to-day.

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