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James Montgomery

Providence and Grace.

Lord of all power and might!

All want and weakness we,

For food and raiment, life and light,

Daily look up to Thee.

Thy providence commands

The blessing from above

Upon the labours of our hands,

And offices of love.

When low by sickness brought,

Through frailty of the flesh,

Amidst the travail of our thought,

Thy comforts us refresh.

In darkness though we stray,

Where tempted saints have trod,

'Tis good for us, like them to stay

Our souls upon our God.

In Thee we live and move,

And have our being still;

So teach Thou us, to know and prove,

To choose and do Thy will.

Thy word, which cannot fail,

Thy strength, in weakness shown,

Thy grace, which ever must prevail,

Shall make Thy glory known.


That glory be our aim,

Our hope and crown of joy;

And to extol Thy holy name,

Our first, last, sole employ.

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