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James Montgomery

The good Providence of the Lord.--Is. cxlvi.

Praise ye the Lord, from pole to pole!

Praise thou the Lord, my soul, my soul!

Long as I live, my voice shall raise,

My pulse repeat, the song of praise.

In men, in princes, put no trust:

Their breath goes forth, they turn to dust;

Then, fleeting as the flower of grass,

Perish their thoughts, their glories pass.

Thrice happy he whose heart can say,

"The God of Jacob is my stay:

The Lord of hosts my help shall be,

Who made the heaven, the earth, the sea."

The Lord avenges the opprest,

He sends the wandering stranger rest;

The Lord unbinds the prisoner's chain,

He sets the fallen up again.

The Lord restores the blind to sight,

Gives strength to them that have no might;

The Lord relieves in their distress

The widow and the fatherless.

The Lord supplies the poor with food,

He loves to do the righteous good;

But for the wicked, in his wrath,

He turns destruction on their path.

The Lord shall reign for evermore,

Thy King, O Zion!--Him adore;

Let unborn generations raise

To God, thy God, the song of praise.

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