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James Montgomery

The parting of Christian Friends.

Once more to Bethany,--once more

His little flock the Saviour led;

And while their hearts and eyes ran o'er,

These were the gracious words He said:--

"Go into all the world;--proclaim

Pardon throughout the rebel-host;

Baptize believers in the name

Of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

"Power shall be given you from on high;

The Father's promise I will send;

But tarry, for the hour is nigh;

Lo! I am with you to the end."

Thus while He blesséd them, they saw

A cloud that caught Him from their view;

The heavens received Him;--dumb with awe,

They gaz'd, they worshipp'd, and withdrew.

Such was that parting;--here we meet

In fellowship of Christian love,

And sit as at our Master's feet,

And hear Him speaking from above.

Lord Jesus! so Thy servants teach,

That when we from each other part,

Our lips and lives to all may preach

Thy gospel graven on our heart.

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