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James Montgomery

The Lord's Supper.

Communion of my Saviour's blood,

In Him to have my lot and part,

To prove the virtue of that flood

Which burst on Calvary from his heart;

To feed by faith on Christ, my bread,

His body broken on the tree,

To live in Him, my living Head,

Who died, and, rose again for me;

This be my joy and comfort here,

This pledge of future glory mine:

Jesus, in spirit now appear,

And break the bread, and pour the wine.


From Thy dear hand, may I receive

The tokens of Thy dying love,

And, while I feast on earth, believe

That I shall feast with thee above.

Ah! there, though in the lowest place,

Thee at Thy table could I meet,

And see Thee, know Thee, face to face,

For such a moment death were sweet.

What then will their fruition be,

Who meet in heaven with blest accord?

A moment?--No, eternity!

They are for ever with the Lord.

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