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James Montgomery

The power of Christ's Resurrection.

Come see the place where Jesus lay,

For He hath left his gloomy bed;

What angel roll'd the stone away?

What spirit brought Him from the dead?

By His omnipotence He rose,

By His own Spirit lived again,

To crush for ever all His foes,

To raise for ever ruin'd men.

Those who His image here partake,

Though worms in dust their flesh consume,

Shall sleep in Jesus, and awake

To life eternal from the tomb.

What shall restore a world from death,

Where Satan holds his murderous reign?

Spirit of Jesus! With Thy breath

Shake the dry bones, revive the slain.

Dead while they live are Adam's race,

By nature, since their Father's fall;

But, lo! the messengers of grace

Proclaim the gospel-hope to all.


Hear it ye dead, of every clime,

Before the second death begins;

Come forth to this new life in time,

This resurrection from your sins.

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