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James Montgomery

Christ Jesus our Pattern in doing and suffering.

And did the Son of God appear

A man of toil and suffering here?

Him let us then our pattern make,

Who toil'd and suffer'd for our sake.

Though holy, harmless, undefiled,

He learn'd obedience, from a child;

Through youth in grace and wisdom grew,

As man the Tempter's wiles o'erthrew.

Glad tidings, when He went to preach,

How mild and healing was His speech!

Though with authority He taught,

And miracles of mercy wrought.

Rebuke and scorn He meekly bore,

The more reviled He loved the more;

Thus He delighted to fulfil

Love's law,--His heavenly Father's will.

O'er land and sea, whate'er the cost,

He came to seek and save the lost;

For this he hunger'd, thirsted, sigh'd,

Watch'd, pray'd and labour'd, lived and died.


Taught by the Holy Spirit may we

In all things like our pattern be;

By His, our words and actions framed

And bear His cross, who bear His name.

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