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James Montgomery

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We know the condescending grace

Of our Lord Jesus Christ:--We know

He came to seek and save our race

From sin, and death, and endless woe.

Rich ere the world began,--on earth

Impov'rish'd to retrieve our loss,

And, from the manger at His birth,

Exalted only to the Cross.

Yet in that humble crib was He

God in the flesh made manifest:

And, on that ignominious tree,

God over all, for ever blest.

Then, at His manger let us meet,

In spirit our Emmanuel own,

Or round the cross, beneath His feet,

Hail Him as on the Father's Throne.

That throne and cross united here

Time nor eternity can part,

As one henceforth the twain appear,

Seen only by the pure in heart:--

The pure in heart, for they alone

Can on the cross's glory gaze,

Where the Lamb slain amidst the Throne

Adoring saints and angels praise.

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