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James Montgomery

The Covenant of Peace renewed between Christians.

The peace of God surpassing thought,

From heaven into our minds come down;

That peace on earth which Jesus brought,

When for the cross He left his crown:--

That peace with God, which Jesus made,

Our daysman and our surety He,


Whose outstretch'd hands on both were laid,

The sinner and the Deity:--

That peace be ours; so shall we prove,

As faith, and hope, and love increase,

That Christ's disciples live and move

In the pure element of peace.

Assembling here, an humble band,

Our covenantal pledge to take,

We pass the cup from hand to hand,

From heart to heart, for His dear sake.

Jesus, Thyself to us draw nigh,

And speak Thy salutation-word,

Say "Peace be with you!" while we cry,

Like those of old,--"It is the Lord!"

Our Lord! our God! Thy Spirit's seal

Impress on our recorded vow,

And may our peaceful lives reveal

The truth of what we witness now.

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