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James Montgomery

Sabbath worship in the Sanctuary.

Again, on this rejoicing day,

God's people in his temple meet,

To learn his will,--to praise and pray,--

For praise is comely, prayer is sweet:

And meek obedience to his will

Is perfect freedom to their mind,

Who love his service and fulfil,

With heart and hand, the work assign'd.

One day, Lord God! within thy courts,

Is better than a thousand spent

In vain delights, or wanton sports,

That leave remorse and discontent.

Rather we'll choose the lowest place,

The keepers of Thy doors to be,

Than dwell where sinners, void of grace,

Forget themselves, forgetting Thee.

Our willing souls we now would yield

To Thee, as Thine alone to live,

Assured Thou wilt, our sun and shield,

No good withhold,--all blessing give.

So, from Thy sanctuary shower

On young and old, with large increase,

Thy heavenly gifts, and from this hour,

Lord! send prosperity and peace.

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