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James Montgomery

God universally worshipped.

All Thy works, with one accord,

Magnify Thee, mighty Lord!

While the heavens Thy glory show,

Earth extols Thy love below.

Day to day doth utter speech,

Night to night Thy knowledge teach:

Nature's universal frame

Answers--"Hallow'd be Thy name."

Life, through all its breathing forms,

Death, from darkness, dust, and worms,

In ten thousand wondrous ways,

Fearfully set forth Thy praise.

Here, the lips of Infancy

Sweet Hosannas sing to Thee;

Youth and Age, in louder lays,

Joyful Hallellujahs raise.


While adoring Seraphim

Thine eternal Godhead hymn,

Saints redeem'd, with glory crown'd,

Calvary's cross, won triumphs sound.

May Thy Church from age to age,

In her house of pilgrimage,

Train for Thee her convert-throngs,

And thy statutes be their songs.

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