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James Montgomery


One prayer I have,--all prayers in one,

When I am wholly Thine;

Thy will, my God, Thy will be done,

And let that will be mine.

All-wise, all-mighty, and all-good,

In Thee I firmly trust;

Thy ways, unknown or understood,

Are merciful and just.

Is life with many comforts crown'd,

Upheld in peace and health,

With dear affections twined around,

Lord, in my time of wealth,--

May I remember, that to Thee,

Whate'er I have I owe;

And back in gratitude from me,

May all Thy bounties flow.

Thy gifts are only then enjoy'd,

When used as talents lent;

Those talents only well employ'd,

When in Thy service spent.

And though Thy wisdom takes away,

Shall I arraign Thy will?

No, let me bless Thy name, and say,

"The Lord is gracious still."

A pilgrim through the earth I roam,

Of nothing long possest,

And all must fail when I go home,

For this is not my rest.


Write but my name upon the roll

Of Thy redeem'd above,

Then heart, and mind, and strength and soul,

I'll love Thee for Thy love.

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