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James Montgomery

A prayer for every Day and all Day long.

In the morning hear my voice,

Let me in thy light rejoice;


God, my Sun! my strength renew,

Send thy blessing down like dew.

Through the duties of the day,

Grant me, grace to watch and pray;

Live as always seeing Thee,

Knowing, "Thou, God! seest me."

When the evening skies display

Richer pomp than noon's array,

Be the shades of death to me

Bright with immortality.

When the round of care is run,

And the stars succeed the sun,

Songs of praise with prayer unite,

Crown the day, and hail the night.

Thus with thee, my God! my Friend!

Time begin, continue, end,

While life's joys and sorrows pass

Like the changes of the grass.

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