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For Guardianship through Life and Death.--Acts, xvii. 28.

To Thee in whom we live and move,

And have our being here,

A higher, holier state to prove,

Through Christ let us draw near.

Though born in sin, to trouble born,

Transgressors from the womb,

Leave not thine offspring thus forlorn,

In error, doubt, and gloom.

Send out, good Lord, Thy light and truth,

Through each advancing stage,

To guard in childbood, guide in youth,

And comfort us in age.

Darkness for light may we not choose,

For falsehood truth forego,

Nor things that are eternal lose

For vanities below.

Teach us to number so our days,

That we our hearts apply

To walk in Wisdom's pleasant ways,

In them to live and die.


Living, prepared with every breath

Our spirits to resign;

Dying, lay hold on life in death,

And so be ever Thine,

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