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James Montgomery

Christ the Messiah manifested in his Advent and Offices.

A child is born,--the birth proclaim,

A son is given,--declare his name;

Messiah, from the Fall foretold,

The Deity in human mould;

--That mould from which, God's image lost

In Eden at so dire a cost,

The new creation shall restore,

And guilt efface its lines no more.

Hail! to His rising from afar,

He is the bright and morning star;

His healing beams, ye nations, bless,

He is the Sun of Righteousness

To save His people from their sins,

Jesus His suffering life begins;

Ere long as Christ our sacrifice,

The Holy and the Just One dies.

Again His glorious name record,

As David's Son and David's Lord;

He mounts the mediatorial throne,

To claim earth's kingdoms for his own:

Him every eye again shall see

Descend in power and majesty,

His ransom'd in the clouds to meet,

And put all foes beneath his feet.

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