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James Montgomery

The Building of another Tower than Babel.

When men once more were multiplied,

In language and in heart the same,

"Come, let us build a tower," they cried,

"To heaven, and get ourselves a name."

The Lord came down to see their boast,

Troubled their speech, perplex'd their hands,

And drove the panic-smitten host

From Shinar's plains through unknown lands.

A tower and temple more sublime,

Whose top, indeed, to heaven shall reach,

Is raised,--that men of every clime

Again may have one heart, one speech.

As varying instruments accord

To form the sweetest minstrelsy,

All hearts, as one, may love the Lord,

All tongues, as one, in praise agree.

Thus, till the head-stone be brought forth,

To build that tower the saints unite;

And to the work, from south to north,

From east to west, all tribes invite.

Let young and old, as duty calls,

Help to erect God's House of Prayer;

Till He hath gather'd in its walls

Earth's scatter'd tribes, to bless them there.

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