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James Montgomery

The Glory of God in Creation.

The God of nature and of grace

In all His works appears;

His goodness through the earth we trace,

His grandeur in the spheres.

Behold this fair and fertile globe

By Him in wisdom plann'd;

'Twas He who girded, like a robe,

The ocean round the land.

Lift to the arch of heaven your eye

Thither His path pursue;

His glory, boundless as the sky,

O'erwhelms the wondering view.

How excellent, O Lord, Thy name

In all creation's lines!

Spread through eternity, Thy fame

With rising lustre shines.

These lower works, that swell Thy praise

High as man's thoughts can tower,

Are but a portion of Thy ways,

The hiding of Thy power.

O shouldst Thou rend aside the veil,

And show thy dwelling-place,

The souls which thou hast made would fail

'Twere death to see Thy face.

Can none behold that face and live?

Yea, sinners may draw near:

The Lord is kind, and will forgive,

His love shall cast out fear.


Millions amidst His presence stand,

Who feel, while they adore,

Fulness of joy at His right hand,

And pleasures evermore.

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