Secret of Guidance

Author:Meyer, Frederick Brotherton (1847-1929)
Description: Many Christians wonder whether or not God has a plan for their future. F.B. Meyer spent his life as a pastor and evangelist ministering to people all over the world about God's unfailing guidance. In his book, The Secret of Guidance, Meyer shares his thoughts on the subject for all Christians to read. In order to receive God's guidance, we must first surrender our wills and seek guidance with pure motives. Meyer tells Christians that prayer and patience are two of the most important habits that must be practiced as they wait for the gradual unfolding of God's plan. Several sections in this text help readers identify the places in their lives where they have gone astray, in hopes that they can improve upon these areas. Meyer reminds Christians that Christ is there to help them bear their sorrows and burdens. Finally, Meyer shares the importance of faith as Christians try to understand the fullness of the Spirit. The Secret of Guidance helps assure uncertain Christians that God is always faithful.

Emmalon Davis
CCEL Staff Writer
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