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Corollary taken out of Achmet, of the signification of Hail, Fire, and Trees, in the interpretation of Dreams.

Chap. cxci. Of the Explanations of the Indians, Persians, and Egyptians.

“Snow, hail, and cold portend troubles, anxieties, and torments.”

“If any one thought he saw hail fallen on any spot, let him expect a sudden hostile attack.”


“If he thought he saw hail that injured the stalks of wheat or barley, in that place, as far as the stalks are broken, will warlike slaughters ensue.”

To the same purpose is Chap. clxix. Of the Divination of the Indians; Chap. clx. Of the Explication of the Persians and the Egyptians.

“Fire signifies death, war, battles, punishment, and affliction, if any thing or person had been seen to burn.”

Also in Chap. cli. The Persians, Indians, and Egyptians interpret Trees by Men, principally Magistrates, Noblemen, and very illustrious men.

“If any one has seen trees watered and flourishing, a very eminent man and the people will be fostered.”

“If a king has seemed to himself to have planted trees, he will appoint new magistrates.” Also,

“If trees by length of time become injured and rotten, the nobles of the king will die a natural death.”

“If he has thought he saw shrubs which grew up into trees, this refers to the promotion of his great men.”

“If he has thought he saw the leaves of trees collected into his house, wealth shall be gained from the great in the manner of leaves,” &c.

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