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Circumstances, which throw light on the First Seal, and partly also on those which follow.

Chap. ccxxxiii. Of the opinions of the Indians, Persians, and Egyptians.

A noble spirited horse, which is called Pharas, refers to eminence and dignity, in the interpretation of dreams. Common horses are understood of nobility, and of some inferior rank.

If any one in his dreams has seemed to be carried on a fleet and wanton horse, he shall find in the presence of the people, fame, and the greatest estimation, as well as eminence and honour.

Also, if any one seemed to be riding armed on a noble horse, he will find power, together with good reputation, on account of his arms.

Chap. ccxlix. According to the Interpretations of the Persians and Egyptians.

If any one seemed to have held bows and arrows in his hand, he shall exult with joy over his enemies.

There are more passages relating to the same subject, as chap. clii. from the doctrine of the Indians, concerning the large and long tail of a horse, signifying companions and followers of his power; of the short cut tail, signifying the 118loss of liberty, as well as sovereignty, if it were a prince who dreamt of riding on such a horse. In the same manner, chap. ccxxxiii. the dismounting from a horse, if voluntary, is explained of a spontaneous decrease of power; if unwillingly, of a successor in dignity, assuming his place.

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