Name in Heaven, the Truest Ground of Joy, on Luke x. 20. and the Power of Grace in Weaning the Heart from the World, on Psal. cxxxi. 1.

Author:Mead, Matthew (1629-1699)
Description:As a Congregationalist minister in 17th century England, Mead could not teach or preach without censure or persecution. Eventually, the harsh religious climate of his homeland drove Mead to Holland, although he returned to England to minister to a congregation in Stepney in secret. Here, Mead includes two sets of sermons on joy and the power of grace, drawing from Luke 10:20 and Psalm 131. He entreats his readers or listeners to live lives not characterized by the things of the world, but by the things of God, finding delight and joy in godliness rather than in the vain, passing things of worldly society.

Kathleen O’Bannon
CCEL Staff
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