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The next two are by well-known bards of the Eisteddvod,--the first by the Rev. EVAN REES (Dyfed):

'Heights of Calvary' (Pen Calfaria)--it should be noted--is a well-known refrain in a revival verse of Williams.


Calvary, with radiance glowing,

Thither now I turn my face;

Immortality is flowing

From above in streams of grace;

'Heights of Calvary!'

Build thy nest there, O my soul!

There I hear in breezes mellow

Sounds from far of heavenly themes,

Learnt of yore beneath the willow

On the bank of Babel's streams:

'Heights of Calvary'

Join the earth to heaven's land.

Scorchèd in the flame of burning,

See the thief's uncared-for soul,

At the last to heaven turning,

Pitied--rescued--and made whole:

'Heights of Calvary'

Shall his song for ever be.

In the vale with shadows crowded,

When I sink with sore dismay,

Calvary will stand unclouded

In its baptism of day:

'Heights of Calvary'

Are transfigured by the cross.

Once its summit was benighted

With a cloud of wrath Divine,

But Atonement's sun has lighted

All the hill as mercy's shrine:

'Heights of Calvary!

Never more shall night come there.


Oh, to climb in holy fancies,

On my knees, this Mount of love!

There I see, through tearful glances,

Nothing save the cross above:

'Heights of Calvary'

Make my tears a stream of peace!

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