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Samuel Roberts (S. R.)

S. R. himself is the author of this song--

Afar on the ocean, one dark and cold night,

A little boat sailed without star or moon-light;

The roar of the wind and the rush of the wave

That night even frightened the heart of the brave.

The child of the captain was free from alarm,

All happy and merry he dreaded no harm:--

'In spite of the wild waves what is there to fear?

We are sure to reach home--for my father doth steer.'

Oh, dear child of heaven, what makes thee afraid?

When high seas are raging be thou not dismayed

When wildest and blackest the great depths appear,

Thy life is still safe--for thy Father doth steer.


Rejoicing eternal for thee is at hand;

Thy loved ones are waiting on yonder fair strand:

Thy home is the mansion that shineth so clear,

And Canaan is nearing--thy Father doth steer.

Then spread forth thy sails to the favouring breeze,

The bosom of Jesus will soon give thee ease:

Thine anchor is safe, and thy Captain is here,

Thy boat's in the haven--thy Father doth steer.

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