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Dr. Phillips (Newaddlwyd)

The name of Dr. PHILLIPS, Neuaddlwyd, can never be separated from the history of religion in Wales during the first half of the present century. He was a pioneer of education--especially in the training of young men for the ministry. It was pre-eminently a labour of love; his influence therefore on his pupils, and through them on the churches, was immense. He was an enthusiast of foreign 136 missions, and had the pleasure of ordaining three young men out of his own Church as missionaries. He was born in the parish of Llanvihangel-ar-Arth, Caermarthenshire, March 29, 1772, and died December 2, 1842. A few single verses of his are very popular--none more so than the one translated thus:

Once again the world shall see

Him who went to Calvary,

Sitting throned in high command,

With the balance in His hand:

All of every time and place

Shall be weighed before His face:

Seek, my soul, the pearl most rare,

That will turn the balance there!

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