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Roger Edwards

The next is a favourite Christmas hymn:

What is in Ephrata heard?

Angels bringing joyful word:

What new song of heaven have they?

Christ is born! is born to-day!

Haste to David's city, haste!

God is there made manifest;

See the King of glory, see,

Brother of us all is He!

Silent babe, what name has He?

Lord of all eternity:

What hath brought Him down so low?

Love for sinful man to show:--

Wings of tender mercies bright

Brought Him down from heaven's height;

Let the beauty of His praise

Ever be on all our days.


To the angels what is He?

Their high Prince of majesty;

What to us who sin and fall

He is Brother of us all:

Then if angel-harps be His,

What we owe much larger is:

Christ the Lord--He is our own!

Let the wide earth be His throne.

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