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Evan Evans (Ieuan Glan Geirionydd)

While for years the thought of death was so present to his mind, it was natural for him to sing this wistful:

I linger sadly near

The stormy river;

And long to cross, but fear

Lest none deliver:

Oh I that I might but soar

Above its rush and roar,

And on the other shore

Be safe for ever

From every dismal wave

Come dark foretellings;

I think of all the brave

Lost in its swellings:

O soul of mine, so frail!

What if the flood prevail,

And thou at last should'st fail

To reach those dwellings!

But see! from yonder shore

On high ascended,

My comrades in the war,

Their sorrow ended:


Why should I feel alarm?

They crossed on Jesu's arm,

And I shall know no harm,

By Him befriended.

A version of this hymn, changed so as to be an address to the poet, and beginning

Thou, often wandering near

The stormy river,--

is inscribed over his grave in Trefriw Churchyard, where he lies beside his parents and his wife, under the sombre shadow of 'the twin yew-trees.'

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