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Robert Williams (R. ab Gwilym Ddu)

From age to age the memory

Of Jesu's blood grows fonder;

Too short eternity will be

To tell of all its wonder.

The chiefest theme of heavenly song

Is Jesu's dying glory;

In highest hymn each harp is strong

To tell again the story.

The virtue of His sufferings,

His grief in our restoring,

Sound louder on celestial strings

Than seraphim adoring.

The song will but begin to rise

When ages vast are over;

For ever shall His sacrifice

New miracles discover.

When these shall reach the sacred hill,

The sons of tribulation;

Then every string Divine shall thrill

With louder exultation.

The music shall for ever swell,

Host unto host replying;

But oh! the song will never tell

The worth of Jesus dying.

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